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KSA Silmakeskus x Robert Täht x Põhjasfäär

Our Client

KSA Silmakeskus

User experience advertising as a new challenge

One of the biggest Põhjasfäär projects this summer is in front of you.

We collaborated with Estonia's leading eye clinic KSA Silmakeskus. As part of a groundbreaking advertising campaign, we had the privilege of working with Robert Täht, a top volleyball player from the Estonian national team, who became the face of the commercial. In addition to the new collaboration, we tried for the first time in our practice a user experience story ad.

How did the concept for the clip come about?

With our promotional clip, we wanted to push the usual boundaries that have been held in previous KSA Silmakeskus videos. As this was an athlete, we saw an opportunity to use energetic editing to grab the attention of the viewer. The commercial uses lots of transitions and sudden shots. Through the lens, we take a closer look at the daily life of a top athlete through the transformation of different activities. The locations were chosen according to where the athlete spends most of his time. In total, we used 6 different locations in the clip and shooting took us 1 day of filming.

Final Result:


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