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Waybiller OÜ



Completion Year

Tallinn, Estonia


Step into the world of efficient freight management with PSFR's animated videos for Waybiller, a cutting-edge e-waybill software. Our collaboration with Waybiller brings to life the innovative features and benefits of their platform, starting with this captivating animation.

Waybiller simplifies the creation and storage of digital waybills, while also offering seamless tracking of vehicles carrying freight. By transitioning to an electronic format, Waybiller enhances logistics efficiency for all parties involved in each shipment: shippers, carriers, and receivers. With 30,000 waybills created monthly, the impact is tangible.

Experience the ease of reporting, the speed of operations, and the eco-friendly nature of Waybiller's solution. Our animated videos showcase how this green and fast alternative is reshaping the freight industry, driving economic competitiveness for businesses.


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