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Nordic Branders House


In a captivating collaboration with Nordic Branders House, Põhjasfäär Meedia OÜ undertook a design project that epitomizes our innovative and collaborative spirit. Our team skillfully crafted a logo and meticulously designed business cards, pushing the boundaries of creativity to create a truly remarkable brand identity.

Nordic Branders House had a unique request - to create business cards out of metal, setting them apart from the crowd. Embracing this challenge with enthusiasm, we brought their vision to life, combining the physicality of metal with the essence of Nordic design.

The design of the business cards perfectly harmonized with the logo, representing the epitome of elegance. Crafted from metal, they exude a tactile and luxurious feel, leaving a lasting impression on recipients. The minimalistic design aligned seamlessly with Nordic Branders House's ethos, while the metal material further elevated their brand's visual impact.


Dubai, UAE


Graphic Design

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Nordic Branders House

Nordic Branders House logo
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Hiekka Consulting Group
Hiekka Consulting Group
Hiekka Consulting Group
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