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KSA Eye Clinic


At Põhjasfäär Meedia OÜ, we had the privilege to collaborate with KSA Eye Clinic and Robert Täht, one of Estonia's top volleyball players, on an extraordinary featured client project. This campaign aimed to highlight how Robert's life significantly improved after a laser operation, showcasing his everyday life in a captivating and inspiring manner.


Our team embarked on a journey to craft a visually compelling narrative that would resonate with audiences. We understood the importance of capturing the essence of Robert's transformation and the impact it had on his daily activities. Through meticulous planning and artistic direction, we aimed to elevate the storytelling process and deliver a message that was both relatable and empowering.


We took great care to showcase the daily life of Robert, allowing viewers to witness firsthand how his improved vision enhanced his performance on and off the court. From intense training sessions to personal moments, our lens captured the significant positive impact that the laser operation had on his overall well-being.


Tallinn, Estonia



Completion Year



KSA Eye Clinic, KSA Silmakeskus

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Robert Täht interview on rooftop Tallinn
Robert Täht filming in Audentes, Tallinn
Robert Täht filming at beach in Tallinn with Põhjasfäär team
Robert Täht filming in Audentes Strenght Training
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